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Deep Conditioning Hair

How To: Deep Conditioning Your Hair at Home

Whether you have natural or relaxed hair, if you want to maintain your hair’s moisture and restore strength and shine, deep conditioning…

Black Castor Oil

Let Your Hair Grow & Glow: 6 Hair Benefits of Black Castor Oil

Suffering from baldness or hair loss or want to encourage your hair to grow longer, thicker and healthier? Well, we may have…

Nia Long's Short Hairstyle

Short Haircuts: Have You Considered These Hot Summer Hairstyles?

Not only do you bundle up with coats, scarf and gloves, and hats, but you’ve probably added a couple bundles of hair…


Nurture Your Crown: What Vitamins Can Do for Your Hair

Lately I have been doing ‘lazy research’ on vitamins and supplements that are good for my skin and more importantly my hair….


Hair Relaxing Done the RIGHT Way

Lately there has been a lot of buzz, controversy amongst women in the African American community. What’s the big fuss you ask?…