12 Happy Holiday Thoughts for the Single Person

Holiday Tips for the Single Person

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The holiday season is here again, bringing all its romantic cheer along with it. Couples kissing under the mistletoe, hugging over those just right gifts or just holding hands while shopping for mutual friends can be bitter reminders that you’re still by yourself. While it’s not the easiest time of year to be alone, there really are some good things to be said about being “unattached” for the the holidays.

1. You make your own schedule. Shop when you feel like it, pick the parties you want to go to, and enjoy saying “yes” to all the family invitations without having to consult anyone else. No conflicts over traditions this year.

2. You won’t embarrass anyone but yourself. Wear the incredibly unflattering sweater your grandmother knitted you last year. You get to be comfy and brag about how much love your grandmother put into your present. Big win!

3. You’ll enjoy fewer present buying stresses. Your own family and friends are hopefully much easier to buy for than a significant other and their family of mostly strangers.

4. There’s no chance of a holiday break up. Sad to say, a lot of couples fight and worse during the holidays. This year, you won’t be the one getting dumped.

5. No apologies will be necessary. You won’t have to explain your cruder loved ones to anyone else. Hallelujah!

6. You can flirt to your heart’s content. That good looking single person at a friend’s party? Introduce yourself. It’s your choice if you spend some time getting to know them or hook up and have a good time. No pressure.

7. Food, food, food. Feel like pigging out on Mom’s best dinner of the year? No one’s evaluating your eating habits, so go ahead. Remember your schedule is your own, so you can eat lightly before and after to keep your diet balanced.

8. You’ll have time for your own routines. The holidays are busy. The sleep, exercise and healthy meals you’re used to won’t have to be sacrificed to make time for someone else’s plans.

9. One word: travel. You can consider visiting far off friends or relatives without depriving someone else of the same opportunity. You could even plan your own relaxing holiday vacation.

10. You can have your own fun. With no one to stay at a boring party for, you’re free to make excuses and go find something more interesting to do.

11. There will be no awkward interview dates. There are no potential in-laws or friends of your significant other to grill you for hours under the cover of a friendly gathering. And your own family and friends won’t be doing that to someone you care for, either.

12. You can spread sympathy and cheer. Sympathy and the chance to cheer someone up are excellent gifts to give your single friends. They’re also excellent gifts to receive, so don’t turn them down.

The holiday season can be a lonely time for you if you’re single. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with family and friends, relax and have fun, and just enjoy being yourself. You get to choose! How wonderful is that?