Shoes Need Love Too: How to Organize Your Shoes

Shoes Need Love Too: How to Organize Your Shoes

Shoes Need Love Too: How to Organize Your Shoes

Do you have shoes for every occasion or season? If your closet looks anything like mine, it’s filled with heels, stilettos (yes, there is a difference), boots, sandals, and flats. There comes a time when you’re in a hurry or don’t need the added frustration of searching for a shoe in a stack. Think of the time and space you’ll save if your closet was organized. Read this article to learn how to organize your shoes. 

First, consider purpose and number of shoes you have before choosing the best way to manage your shoe collection.

Purpose: Set aside shoes that are out of season. During the winter, take out summer sandals. This instantly minimizes the amount of work you have to do. Get shoe boxes and store them somewhere else. For outdoor workout shoes or snow boots, store them closer to the door.

Quantity: If you’ve outgrown (style or size) a pair–donate them and accomplish two things: you’ve provided footwear for someone else and you’ve cleared your closet.

Different Ways to Organize Your Shoes:

Shoe racks come in various forms: hanging, over-the-door, and floor stands. For tighter spaces, a hanging rack would be better. Flats and heels can fill over-the-door racks, freeing closet space for stilettos and boots. Same with floor stands, but all shoes are in one area. Cubbies are like racks, but better for room aesthetics.

Shoe bins are an option, but tossing shoes into a bucket-like container can lead to scuff marks and a messy appearance.

Carousels are for diva-like closets. If you have an island, or abundance of space, you can have a manual or switch-operated ornament installed by a professional.

Shoe shelves are another great organizer for shoes. Perfect for walk-in closets and a tall alternative for shoe racks! You can even group them by season or color. Whatever material you choose, make sure it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of your shoes.

DIY projects are personalized and skill-challenging. Instead of purchasing an organizer, make one.

Or take your shoes out of the closet…

Decorative, or themed, shoes are an excellent display in your home. If you have print or bold color shoes, and want a den or office to “pop”, use shelves and entertainment centers. A feminine and functional way to organize.

This may accommodate the number of shoes you have now, but leave yourself some space for future footwear. You can never have too many shoes. Besides, a new pair is a great reward for the time and effort you put into finally figuring out how to organize your shoes.

Show your shoes some love

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