How to Spot Knockoff Handbags

How to spot knockoff handbags

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Let’s face the fact – knockoff handbags are everywhere. Some customers even prefer to buy a knockoff handbag, because it is cheaper and “similar” is good enough for them, as they do not care about the quality. But you should, especially if you want to spend more money on the bag it is really important that you choose an authentic item. When shopping for designer bags remember these simple rules to help you spot knockoff handbags.

3 Tips to Help You Spot Knockoff Handbags:

Trust only those, who are worth your trust
The best place to buy a designer bag is the official brand store, but in the internet era many customers prefer to shop online, looking for great deals. How to avoid knockoffs when buying online? Look for certified retailers and resellers. If the company selling the bag is based in either China or Hong Kong remain suspicious, these countries are responsible for manufacturing majority of fake designer bags. If you want to buy your bag on online auction choose the one, which contains many detailed photos that will help you establish whether the bag is real or not. Do not fall for too good to be true deals – high fashion bags are luxury goods and no one in their right mind will sell them for less than couple hundred dollars.

Check the quality
Designer bags are always of the top notch quality, while fake bags rarely come close to that level of sophistication, so many of them are easy to spot by close examination of the bag with a focus on the details. Start from the fabrics – leather usually have the characteristic smell and hardware made of metal will always feel heavier than cheap plastic. Always check the stitching – if the bag is handmade the stitching will never be 100% straight, but it never looks ugly either. Botched or too perfect stitching should always raise the red flag. But in most cases it is the interior that will give away the fake bag. High fashion designers use only quality fabrics for the lining, while knockoffs are usually inlaid with cheap polyester. Impeccable stitching on the lining and the label is another sign of authenticity.

Know your bag by heart
Every fashion house and luxury brand has its own signature features, which can serve as signs of authenticity. Many high fashion brands use hardware with small brand logos or release bags marked with serial numbers. Before you even start searching for the new designer bag make sure that you can recognize all these signs of authenticity. There are many online groups and blogs devoted to shedding light on fake luxury goods, so you can easily find the needed information online.

Lastly, one simple way to avoid fake bags is to stay away from the most popular high fashion brands, which are also most often copied and knocked off. Look for a young fashion designer or a small brand known for quality products. If you follow these simple rules, you’ll never get stuck with knockoff handbags.