Red Lips for Brown Girls – Find Your Perfect Shade

Dark-skinned beauties Kenya Moore and Kelly Rowland sporting red lips.

Dark-skinned beauties Kenya Moore and Kelly Rowland sporting red lips.

Recently, popular rapper ASAP Rocky had women in an uproar when he made the comment that dark skin women shouldn’t wear red lips. Oh really? Tell that to ladies with chocolate complexions like Azealia Banks, Kenya Moore, and Kelly Rowland who wear it and wear it well!

Rapper Azealia Banks rocking red lips.
Rapper Azealia Banks rocking red lips.

For many years, Black women believed they could not wear red lipstick. Red lips can be alluring, timelessly sexy and fashion forward and bring attention to pearly white teeth. However when you have a darker skin complexion, wearing the right shade is key. Be encouraged; there’s a shade of red for everyone! The problem lies in finding a shade that will compliment your skin tone.

To find the right one, experiment with different shades to find yours. The wonderful thing about red lipstick is that there are several shades of red to compliment all skin tones.

There are several tips to try to make sure your red lipstick is fitting. Try:

  • Dab a little cream concealer on your lips before applying to keep it from smearing.
  • Line your lips with a lip liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color or a closely colored lip pencil before applying the lipstick.
  • Mix red lipstick with a little brown lip pencil to give it depth and richness.
  • Blot your lips on a tissue and
  • For a precise look, use a lip brush to carefully apply your red lipstick to your lips. If you want more of a stained look, use a fingertip to apply.

There is no color red that Black women have to stick to as reds have been worn and applied to many different shades of brown. Some women look better in a darker, richer blue-toned red, while someone else may look better in a vibrant, orange toned red or a deep, warm-based red-wine, fire engine red, or fuchsia red. If you’re not ready for a red lipstick or are the kind of woman who prefers a glossy lip, try a red lip gloss. A gloss will provide you with various shades of reds and plenty of shine.

Because red lipstick is already bright, keep eye makeup simple and not over the top as it can make you look tacky and clownish.

Remember to check your teeth to make sure you have no red lipstick on them!

Find Your Shade for Luscious Red Lips

Have a favorite red lipstick? Share your pick(s) and tips in the comments below!