Short Haircuts: Have You Considered These Hot Summer Hairstyles?

Nia Long's Short Haircut

Nia Long’s Short Haircut

Not only do you bundle up with coats, scarf and gloves, and hats, but you’ve probably added a couple bundles of hair to your head too. Long weaves are common and they’re flaunted all year round. But short haircuts are great for summer and changing the hair game. Consider these hot summer hairstyles.

Halle Berry’s Pixie Short Haircut

Pixie Perfect Short Haircuts

Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett, Monica, and Nia Long have sported this fun and spunky short haircut. It’s cut close, but your facial features are highly complemented. It’s for the bold and brave though. If you change hairstyles often because you’re “bored”, you can still get the look with a quick weave.

Layered Bob Haircut

Taraji P. Henson’s Layered Bob Haircut

Bob Haircuts

The bob cut is the most common short haircut, but it never loses its appeal. With all of the color and cut options, this hairstyle never gets old. You can wear it medium-length or with soft layers in the back for a shorter look. For an edgy look, blunt cuts or bangs transform the look completely. The Classic bob cut fit all face shapes. Add a bit of trendy and feminine charm with an asymmetrical or long bob cut. A sharp asymmetrical cut is made along the bob. The hair is usually worn straight with this short hairstyle, as curly hair doesn’t show off the angle as well. Or go with an uneven bob where one side is extremely longer than the other. Since the angle of the cut it more clear, it can be worn with curly hair.

Short Twist Out Hairstyle

Lauryn Hill’s Classic Short Twist Out Hairstyle

Braids, Sisterlocks, Twists & Twist Outs

Braids, sisterlocks, twists and twist out hairstyles aren’t limited to long lengths. You can color and crop your hair to fit the weather.

Boy Short Haircut

Nene Leakes’s Boy Short Haircut

Boy Short Haircuts

Don’t be alarmed, this short hairstyle is quite feminine. Like Nene Leakes, add a bang. It can feathered or laid, colored or streaked, bangs are flirty. A boy short hairstyle, like the pixie, highlights your facial features and promotes any earrings you might wear.

Short haircuts you apart from the commercial long weave. Having a short hairstyle doesn’t force you to accept ‘the big chop’ (unless you want to). There are many ways to get the heat off your back: quick weaves, twists, or sew-ins. Keep in mind: short hair requires regular trimming. Like cutting, changing your hair’s hue doesn’t apply to your entire head. Block coloring or highlights are options. Regardless to method, maintenance is a must. All require regular washing and moisturizing. In between hairstyles, replenish your scalp and hair strands with a deep oil treatment.

Would you try one of these short haircuts for the summer? Share with us in the comments below!

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