How to Spice Up Your Relationship to Keep the Romance Alive!

How to Spice Up Your Relationship to Keep the Romance Alive!

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Among the many complaints that women have regarding their marriage or relationship, their partner’s lack of romance is a top concern. When the courtship was taking place, there wouldn’t be limits to what he would do to woo her. Now that they are married however, the husband has settled into the normal way of their life, forgetting the fact that she still needs to be romanced. Although this is a valid complaint, many women fail to realize that they too need to do their part in keeping the romance alive! It’s true that after you’ve secured your man, you tone down on the efforts of catching him. That’s quite normal and men also do the same.

It is important to remember and realize that even though you have your mate and may be in a bonded marriage, you still need to be romantic, and flirty, and spontaneous! Being all of these will help keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

Spontaneity is Key

When you were dating your partner, more than likely you enjoyed doing spontaneous things! Possibly going to a late night movie on the whim or taking a scenic drive, these were things that you looked forward to. These spontaneous times made your new relationship exciting and adventurous. If your relationship has lost some of its spice, consider living it up with a couple of spontaneous outings. Is your husband a sports fan? Why not buy a couple of tickets and surprise him one weekend that he thinks the two of you are just going to do the “usual”. Or does your husband enjoy music? Surprise him with music and dancing at the new hot lounge in the city. Sure you will most likely surprise him, and he might even think you’ve gone somewhat bonkers, but it will surely remind him of the times you two used to have when your relationship was new.

Make a Date for Romance

Yes, make a date! Busy couples with busy lives need something more than weekend chores to look forward to.  If you see that your relationship is settling into a mundane day-to-day repeat of events from the previous day, you will do good to change things up a bit. Frankly if you can sense the monotony of your everyday life, then more than likely your husband or partner will too.  Changing things up a bit won’t hurt as much as ignoring the warning signs. Call your husband up one day at work, or text him asking for a date after work. He may be surprised, but more than likely he’ll agree. Pick a place that you both like, where you and your husband can really enjoy each other. If you have time, pick a movie and catch it before heading home. This will no doubt put some spice back into your relationship.

Be Flirty and Show Affection

Some couples forget to show affection as time goes on in the relationship. In the beginning of course, showing affection was of utmost importance to both you and your partner. But now as time has progressed, the amount of flirts and affection has decreased dramatically. It happens to even the best of relationships. If you see this happening, work immediately to nip it before it gets worse! After all, those are the same lips you once adored, and they belong to you! Take advantage of this provision, by showing your affection and flirtatious spirit to your spouse. He will enjoy being the center of your world once again. There isn’t anything wrong with putting him as the center of your world. He will be moved to return the flirts and the affection. It’s a win-win situation.

So if you see that the romance in your life is waning, spice it up by being spontaneous, making dates with your spouse, and showing affection. You will let him know that he is still very important to you and you still think of him as a romantic partner. This will in turn solicit a similar response from him and thus improving your relationship.

Do you have methods or tips of your own for keeping the romance in your relationship alive? Share them in the comments!

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