5 Tips Women Should Follow to Stay Safe

Tips Women Should Follow to Stay Safe

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Women are many times more vulnerable to an attack, which is why we should follow a strict set of rules to help prevent any harm coming our way and stay safe.

Keeping safe often comes down to making good decisions and when we fail to make the smart choices when it comes to personal safety, we make ourselves vulnerable to an attack. Below we’ve gathered a list of things never to do when you want to practice good decision making regarding your safety.

5 Tips Women Should Follow to Stay Safe:

#1 Never Dig in Your Purse for Car Keys

Every lady is guilty of doing this at one time or another. Of course, the most dangerous time to be digging in your purse for keys is after dark. But, even during daylight hours, you should avoid doing this, as you never know when a predator may be lurking, waiting to grab you while you are distracted searching for your keys at the bottom of your purse. Have your keys in your hand and ready for use before you exit a building to walk to your car. If you make this a habit, you’ll never have to worry about getting access to your car, should someone be targeting you.

#2 Never Walk to Your Car Alone at Night

Walking to your car alone at night is something women should always avoid, no matter the circumstances. For women who work late night shifts, always have another employee, preferably a trusted male, accompany you to your car at night. In the rare occasion when you find yourself alone walking to your car at night, it is advisable to have pepper spray handy to stay safe. A woman walking alone to her car at night can very easily be a victim of a crime.

#3 Never Leave Your Car Doors Unlocked

Most of the newer model cars have car doors that lock automatically once the car is put into drive. However, some cars do not have this feature. Never allow yourself to fall victim to a stranger possibly getting into your car while your car is stopped or at a stop light by leaving your car doors unlocked. Also, make sure the doors are locked when you get out of your car. Someone might decide to hide in an unlocked car and wait for the driver to return. As soon as you get into your car you should make sure that your doors are locked along with your other safety checks.

#4 Never Travel Without Your Mobile Phone

Nowadays mobile phones have become a necessity of life. They are also a great safety tool. If you are ever in danger, involved in a car accident, or find that your car has a flat tire or has broken down, having your mobile phone nearby to call someone is crucial. In fact, traveling without a cell phone is not safe. Gone are the days of pay phones, so finding a phone may be difficult in the event that you need one. In the event of an emergency, a cell phone can literally save your life.

#5 Never Give a Ride to a Stranger

This is the kind of thing you mother told you, but there are probably going to be times when a friendly stranger may almost talk you into a ride. Don’t worry about being rude; you’ll never see them again anyway. It’s best to just explain that you have a policy of not giving rides to people you have just met, regardless of whether it’s a woman or a man. Remember, if you ever feel uneasy, always follow your gut. As the old adage goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What are your personal safety do’s and dont’s? Share your tips and experiences on how you stay safe below.