3 Tips for Women Who Want to Successfully Balance Career and Family

Successfully Balance Career and Family

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With the number of women as head of household women at an all-time high and with an increasing number of married women having to enter the work force, more and more women are juggling career and family life and it’s not always easy. That being said, multitasking is the new way of the world for today’s working women and many are looking for ways to balance career and family make it all run seamlessly.

Although juggling the demands of a 9-5 and a busy household can be very overwhelming, it is possible to do so successfully and—more importantly—for many of us, it’s a necessity. One of the biggest issues facing many working mothers is finding the time to fit it all in. There always seem to be more tasks than time and it can make even the best of us feel like taking an extended vacation from it all. Time management is a must in a world of finishing upcoming projects, spending quality time with the children who make it all worthwhile and meeting the demands of a love life (if that’s even possible). For every missed game, recital or date night there is a certain amount of guilt that comes along with the territory. In our hearts we put our families first at all times, but fear of job loss sometimes demands that we pretend that work is the center of our worlds.

If any of this sounds a lot like your life, here are a few tips to help you keep it all in perspective while juggling work and family successfully:

  1. Commit to working your scheduled hours and leaving work at work. Working overtime is great and sometimes cannot be avoided, but try not to do it every day of the week. Doing so means that your work hours are habitually extending into your family time.
  2. Create a calendar for family time to give yourself a basis for how you’ll spend your off hours. This can include fun activities with the kids, visiting family members and even chores such as grocery shopping. Although you shouldn’t try to plan out your time with your family hour by hour, your schedule can act as a guide that will help you follow through with your plans. Believe it or not, your children and significant other will appreciate the structure and the fact that the family is accomplishing more together.
  3. Consider hiring someone to take a few tasks off your hands. Many cleaning services, for example, offer specials that make them a great option a few times per month.  There are also plenty of affordable landscapers who can handle mowing and landscaping your lawn. Angie’s List, Groupon, Living Social and Craigslist are great resources to find affordable options. And, don’t forget to utilize the weekly Pennysaver, if your town offers one.

These are just a few ways you can be successful at home and at work so that you won’t ever feel like you have to choose between providing for your children and spending time with them. Remember, if you try hard enough and keep the faith, you can have it all, successfully!

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