Define Your Look: Your Guide to Eyebrow Shaping

Guide to Defining Your Look with Eyebrow Shaping

Guide to Defining Your Look with Eyebrow Shaping

Did you know eyebrows speak a language of their own? In O Magazine, there was a study to examine how people perceive you based on different eyebrow shapes. The slightest slant in your eyebrows affects whether people see you as tired, mad, sad, scared, or surprised. To make sure you’re delivering the right message about yourself, here‘s the guide to defining your look with eyebrow shaping.

Determining Your Shape

If your eyes are the “windows to the soul”, then your eyebrows are the curtains. Eyebrows start at the inner corner of your eye, and end at the outer corner. The shape of eyebrows should go along with your brow bone’s natural line. Ideally, the arch should peak at the pupil’s outer corner.

Face-Shape and Eyebrows

Heart. Low arches work best.
Long. Straight, thick brows with a subtle curve.
Oval. Aren’t you lucky, no restrictions. Make sure you don’t remove too much hair though.
Round. High, moderate sized arches.
Square. Thick, well-defined brows with a moderate arch. Round brows add a soft, feminine look.
Diamond. High, round arches.

What You’ll Need to Start Eyebrow Shaping

Tweezing is the best way to remove troublesome facial hair. You need a tweezer that’s easy to handle and precise to your brow designing needs. Sharp, slanted tweezers are great for quick grabs and less skin pinching. Tweezers can range from less than two dollars to a couple hundred. Do not use lotion, electric tweezers, or a magnifying mirror. It may appear there’s more hair to remove than there really is.

Other helpful tools are spooly brush, scissors and two eyebrow pencils; one identifies hair you want to remove (white), and another pulls the look together (brown). Blending as you go controls the process by making sure you don’t remove too much hair. After plucking, blend and brush.

Step-by-Step Eyebrow Shaping Instructions

  • Make sure you’re in an area with good lighting.
  • Study your eyebrows.
  • Pick  a good pair of tweezers.
  • Pluck when your pores are open. Tweeze after a shower, or apply a warm compress to minimize pain from plucking. You can also apply a tiny amount of conditioner or moisturizer to your eyebrows, so hairs can slide out easily.
  • Brush your eyebrows up and out to emphasize the natural shape. For thick eyebrows, use the scissors to cut excess hair along the top. Brush eyebrows again.
  • Aim for stray hairs first. Using the tweezers, grip hair as close to the root as possible. Pull the hair in the direction in which it grows (blend and brush). Study eyebrows. (White eyeliner can guide you the rest of the way by marking hair you want to remove).
  • Pluck hairs at the bottom of your brow. To avoid pinching, stretch the skin area with your thumb and first finger.
  • Pull a few hairs (blend and brush). Study eyebrows again. Repeat until you get the look you desire.
  • After tweezing, wipe with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol.

If you’re a visual learner, check out this video:

Eyebrow Shaping: Tools for Fab Brows

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